Using Vinegar to Mask Skunk Odor: IT DOES NOT WORK!

Sep 14, 2023 | Dos and Don'ts

It is likely that every other article you have read so far about the solution to getting rid of the skunk odor in your house suggests using vinegar. While vinegar may marginally dilute the smell of skunk oil, it will not last, and you will want to use another method to eliminate the smell. In my experience with over 4,000 house deskinkings I have learned using vinegar to get rid of skunk odor will never work. However, I have found some methods that prove useful when getting rid of skunk odor. 

Why vinegar does not work


The internet abounds with suggestions to use vinegar either in spray bottles or bowls or boiling in pans. The reality of why this method will not work is vinegar is a strong-smelling and not particularly pleasant-smelling acid. Skunk oil is also an acid. Therefore, when skunk odor is in the air, the odor molecules remain uncovered when they come in contact with the vinegar. As a result, there is almost always a combined smell of vinegar and skunk. Nothing has been gained, and much has been made worse.

What methods work?

In truth, skunk oil cannot be masked. Masking is a temporary method. However, skunk odor can be mitigated using the proper techniques, not vinegar. 

To avoid a potent combination of vinegar and skunk stink, it is important to take proper measures to completely mitigate skunk odor. I have found in my 12 years of experience with skunk spray that there are only two known ways of mitigating skunk odor: pairing and oxidation. Pairing and oxidation work because to get rid of skunk odor, there would need to be oxidation and pairing with skunk oil molecules. Any other method tends to be a mask, and skunk oil cannot be masked. 


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