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Founded Skunkmasters® in 2011.


Perfected de-skunking process for dogs and houses.


Trusted by dog owners, groomers, vets and emergency vets.


Over 5,000 dogs and 4,500 homes & commercial buildings de-skunked in the Chicago area.

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Google 5-Star Review

R. Tarling

Wonderful, intelligent service. Not only did he see us at 10:30pm on a weekday, but he knew dog behavior and how to safely earn an animals trust and respect. I knew from the moment we walked in that our dog was going to be in good hands. We left with a clean pup and now we can sleep a little easier.

Google 5-Star Review

D. Nader

David of Skunk Masters was prompt, courteous, and very professional. He arrived within an hour of calling about 9:00 at night and was happy to work with our one year old very active puppy that was just sprayed. His treatment was quick and effective and we were able to bring our puppy back in the house before David had left. Very pleasant experience during a stressful time. Would HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Yelp 5-Star Review

Agnieszka C.

David Tepper was absolutely amazing.  He was very helpful answering so many of our questions and when he came to our house, he was so good and patient with our dog.  Our dog got sprayed very badly by a skunk and David came within few hours.  He left some solution to apply just in case.  I also used the solution for myself since some of the smell got on me.  David even offered to help out with Molly’s training and walking her safely.  I highly recommend David!

Yelp 5-Star Review

Jane B.

Worth every penny, because David has deskunking skills and expertise that are invaluable in that awful time after your dog gets skunked. David had all the  techniques, equipment, and supplies to get the skunk smell off my dog FAST. Superb, speedy customer service. Also David was gentle and calmed my dog.


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