About Skunkmasters

Since founding Skunkmasters® in 2013, I have perfected the process of de-skunking dogs and houses. Having started as the result of a skunked dog-walking incident, Skunkmasters® has de-skunked well over 620 dogs and 225 homes in the greater Chicago area. Skunkmasters® is the only service in the country that possesses this rapid type of skunk spray mitigation capacity.

I continually refine my de-skunking process, and as such, Skunkmasters® carries with it high accolades on Yelp and Facebook from happy customers. I am the go-to expert for dog owners and professional groomers alike in managing and removing skunk spray odor from dogs and houses.

Skunkmasters® is completely focused on execution and excellence. I guarantee customer satisfaction when I can get to the dog or house before the owner makes any attempt to mitigate the odor themselves.

Through Skunkmasters®, I have identified three primary types of skunk spray, which I refer to simply as Types 1, 2 and 3. My work so far indicates that these types vary by season.

Type 1

During the summer, I have observed the mildest of the three types, likely due to the skunks’ frequent activity in this season. At the end of fall, skunks like squirrels and other mammals prepare for their winter dormancy and start eating to get as fat as they can.

During the winter, skunks are dormant. They tend to remain quiet until the first relatively warm day in late January or early February. This weather is their wake-up alarm: Mating season has commenced (and likely won’t end for 6 to 8 weeks). My clients’ experiences with skunk spray during this season are dramatic. The spray is now highly concentrated and is either:

  • Type 2 — which has a very powerful and sour odor reminiscent of rotting garlic and cabbage, or
  • Type 3 — which takes the sour Type 2 odor and adds in the powerful odor of an electrical fire or burning tires. These skunk spray attacks are truly gruesome and unforgettable.

Skunkmasters® has developed safe and rapid techniques to virtually eliminate the impact of these Type 2 and Type 3 attacks within 20 minutes.



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