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A Skunked dog is no fun. The Skunkmasters “How to De-Skunk Your Dog” Emergency Guide is the only complete guide you need. This guide is the only complete guide of its kind.

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Our guide contains a number of unknown steps to take to protect your skunked dog as you proceed with de-skunking her. Do not de-skunk your dog without this valuable knowledge learned from our experience.

Our guides lists, step by step, how you can safely and quickly perform the same process that Skunkmasters technicians  use to de-skunk dogs during their home emergency calls.

Our guide follows those same procedures.



Important Notes


  • With your skunked dog, first try to isolate and calm her and try to get her eyes washed with simple saline eye wash available at any drug or grocery store. Do not bring her to a bathroom, if possible, since most bath tiles are actually porous and will absorb the aerosoled skunk oils even though they are waterproof. Those tiles will absorb the skunk oil and smell until removed.

  • This simple step will make it easier to de-skunk her. In all likelihood, she took a direct hit to her face and is quite uncomfortable. The saline wash will relieve any burning she might be enduring.

  • Do not wet her!! Water at this point will only make the problem worse. 

  • The longer skunk oil sets on your dog’s coat, the deeper it settles  into your dog’s coat, under-coat and skin. It progressively  becomes harder and harder to remove. You should have your dog treated as quickly as possible.

  • Professional groomers INTENSELY DISLIKE de-skunking dogs in their shops. It smells up their shops and does not help their business. The initial de-skunking treatment should be performed at your home, preferably outside, as soon as possible after your dog is first sprayed.

  • Consider having your dog professionally groomed after they have been de-skunked by you or a Skunkmasters technician.  Skunkmasters are Emergency Groomer Technicians.

  • Skunkmasters performs one function. We are professional dog and home de-skunkers and bring relief quickly after your dog has been skunked.

  • Finally, while a skunked dog is a horrible nuisance and quite unpleasant for all, she is going to be fine. Try to relax and take a breath. Get our DIY guide now if you cannot have us come to your home. Follow the steps. It works. We have de-skunked more dogs using this complete procedure than anyone else in the United States!